Participants in Recognized Experiments at CERN

Different statuses at CERN for Participants in the activities of Recognized Experiments (RE)

Participants in Experiments with the Recognized Status can be registered at CERN as follows: 

  • USER - When the person needs to come to CERN on a regular basis, an appointed Team Leader or Deputy Team Leader at CERN must submit a request for registration to the Users Office: the procedure is explained on their website ( and the responsibilities of the Home Institution and of Team Leaders are detailed in this document. Users are Associated Members of the Personnel (MPA).
    As a reminder, Users participating in one or multiple REs who do not have a primary participation in another, non-RE experiment at CERN can only be registered with a maximum average presence of 30%.
  • PART - Those needing digital access to some specific CERN IT applications to carry out remote activities can be registered as External Participants in an Experiment (PART). They do not hold a contract of association with CERN and have no regular physical access to the site, other than sporadic attendance to meetings, for example (a visitor access card can be requested prior to each visit). The registration process requires the signature of the Team Leader or Deputy Team Leader at CERN.
    The information on pre-registration is described here.
  • DIST - The External (DIST) status is an option for those who only need access to cost-neutral CERN applications like Indico, e-groups, CDS, EDMS, etc. This is the lightest procedure and only requires the signature of the person concerned, as well as that of a CERN guarantor.
  • Other - Limited access to certain CERN applications (e.g. Indico, e-groups) is also possible via the creation of a lightweight account. The procedure is a simple on-line self-registration.

Greybook : Criteria for Inclusion

Members of the Recognized Experiments (and their teams) are only listed in the Greybook as "participants" if they are registered at CERN either as Users or as External Participants in an Experiment (PART). Some lists may as a result appear incomplete.

Because RE are not part of the Scientific Progamme at CERN, the Greybook is not the place where the complete lists of institutes and members are displayed: these official lists should be hosted and maintained by the experiments themselves in their preferred support (websites, databases, etc).


Source: Greybook: criteria for Inclusion