Experiment Committees

The Scientific Committees receive proposals for experiments at CERN. The requests are submitted once they are sufficiently advanced and after an assessment has been made of the financial implications of the project, the time required on one or other of the machines and the necessary experimental equipment and staff. These committees also make recommendations on the facilities offered by the accelerators in their respective fields.

The committees' proposals and recommendations are submitted to the Research Board for final decision concerning the CERN experimental programme and the facilities offered by the accelerators.

The current committees are:
INTC - ISOLDE and Neutron Time-of-Flight Experiments Committee
LHCC - LHC Experiments Committee
   -   LHCC-Upgrade Cost Group (UCG)
   -   LHCC-Phase II Upgrade Group (P2UG)
SPSC - SPS and PS Experiments Committee
REC - Recognized Experiments Committee

Other Experiment Committees:
ISAB-G - IdeaSquare and GRADE Advisory Board. All information about the ISAB-G meetings, including agenda and documents, can be found here.

Information on former committees can be found in the CERN Archive (link)