Recognized Experiments Committee (REC)

The Recognized Experiments Committee (REC) is set up to consider submissions from experiment teams requesting to become CERN Recognized Experiments, to review the status of the presently recognized experiments, and to decide to extend the status for an additional period (usually of 3 years).

The committee defines the general conditions for Recognized Experiments at CERN. This includes:

  • rules for experiments requesting access to the test beam and laboratory equipment and safety requirements
  • requests for support involving manpower from CERN
  • usage of computing
  • rooms request and usage of infrastructure for meeting
  • support for team account and financial operations and cost sharing.

Like the other CERN experiment committees, the REC makes recommendations to the CERN Research Board.

Chairperson: CERN Director for Research and Computing
Scientific secretary: Helge Meinhard, RCS