Upgrade Cost Group (UCG)

The Upgrade Cost Group (UCG) reviews the CORE cost of Technical Design Reports (TDR). Its mandate can be found here: UCG Mandate and Composition (pdf). Below are the main points:

The UCG reviews project costs at the time of submission of a draft Technical Design Report (TDR) to the LHCC. In order to assess the project, the UCG requires the TDR to include, or be separately accompanied by, information on:

  • The total estimated project cost, with a breakdown of this cost allowing a detailed review
  • The initial spending profile

As part of the standard procedure, the UCG meets with the Management of the LHC experiments to review and discuss the costs. The outcome of each cost review is then submitted in a written report, together with the findings of the LHCC as regards scientific and technical issues, to the Research Board (RB) for the formal consideration and decision on approval of the TDR. Should the TDR be approved by the RB, the project will be followed by the respective existing RRB Scrutiny Group (SG) in the standard scheme.

The UCG reports to the Reseach Board via the LHCC Chairperson. The Chairpersons of the LHCC and RRB Scrutiny Group report on the progress of the UCG to their respective committees.

All UCG public reports can be found in CDS via this link.

Chairperson: A.J.S Smith, Princeton University, USA