SPC - Scientific Policy Committee. (A subsidiary body to the CERN Council, see Council webpages )

Approval of Experiments at CERN

Research Board

Experiment Committees

All submit recommendations to the Research Board for approval

INTC - ISOLDE and Neutron Time-of-Flight Experiments Committee

LHCC - LHC Experiments Committee

SPSC - SPS and PS Experiments Committee

REC - Recognized Experiments Committee

ISAB-G - Advisory Committee for Generic Detector R&D and pre R&D (IdeaSquare)

Resources and Finance Review

RRB - LHC and WLCG Resources Review Boards

Scrutiny Groups
- LHC Resources Scrutiny Group
- LHC Computing Resources Scrutiny Group

Ad-hoc Financial Review Committees (FRC):

  • Former Experiment Committees
    • DRDC- The former Detector Research and Development Committee
    • FOCUS - Forum on Computing: Users and Services
    • LCB - The LHC Computing Board
    • LEAF - LHC Experimental Areas Forum
    • LEB - The LHC Electronics Board
    • LECC - LHC Electronics Coordinating Committee
    • LEMIC - The LHC Experimental Requirements Committee
    • LEPC - The LEP experiments Committee