CERN Scientific Committees

The CERN Scientific Committees are of two types: the Experiment Committees, which review the physics, and the Resources and Financial Review Boards, which look at the resources and finances.

The Research Board receives recommendations from the Experiment Committees and takes decisions on them.

The Scientific Policy Committee (SPC) is a subsidiary body to the CERN Council with the role to advise Council on scientific matters related to the Organization. The Chairpersons of the INTC, LHCC and SPSC are ex-officio members of the SPC.

Experiment Committees

The Committees receive and study proposals for experiments at CERN. Their recommendations are submitted to the Research Board for final decision. The LHC Committee has two dedicated sub-committees during the Upgrade process. See more

Resources and Financial Reviews

The LHC Experiments' financial situation and resources are monitored by the LHC and WLCG Resources Review Boards (RRB). The two LHC Resources Scrutiny Groups (Experiments and Computing) meet regularly during the year and both report to the RRB, typically at its Autumn session. Other experiments are reviewed once a year by Finance Review Committees (FRC).