Recognized Experiment Status

CERN is prepared to recognize experiments in fields allied to particle physics, such as astroparticle or nuclear physics, provided they meet the requirements listed here.

Granting the status of Recognized Experiment does not imply that CERN has in any sense approved the experiment.

Recognized Experiments will be able to:

  • register members of the experiment as CERN users (at no more than 30% of their working time), without implying that office space is assigned;
  • use CERN's premises to organise meetings;
  • use basic services such as standard personal computing accounts;
  • open third-party accounts for visiting research teams if justified,

all provided that the cost for CERN is truly marginal, and that approved CERN activities always take priority

Other services the experiment may wish are beyond the scope of a Recognized Experiment, and require dedicated Collaboration Agreements.

(This page is an unofficial description for information purposes. The authoritative document can be found here: "Conditions for Recognized Experiments at CERN")