Submission of Documents to the SPSC

Status Reports:
Experiments presently approved are reviewed annually by the SPSC. Once the review is scheduled, the Committee requests a Status Report and, unless issues arise which require follow up at a later meeting, the procedure is finalised.

Other types of documents that you may want to -or be asked to- submit to the SPSC are:

  • Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Letter of intent (I)
  • New proposal (P)
  • Addendum to an existing proposal (A)
  • Memorandum (M)

In all cases, please use this link to submit documents to the SPSC via CDS.

Here are some instructions:
To submit an initial file, select the type of document and click "Submit a Document". You will be asked to provide some information (scope, abstract, authors, etc) and to transfer your document in pdf format. The system will return an official reference number that will also be automatically stamped on the first page of your pdf file. Please keep this number for future reference.

Warning: do not try to submit the same document twice: use the option 'Submit a Revised Version' instead.

If you experience difficulties with a submission, contact