SPSC Review Procedure

The SPSC reviews and makes recommendations on Proposals submitted to it, for Fixed Target Experiments at CERN. At the request of the CERN management, the SPSC may also review and make recommendations for other Proposals and Experiments.

All submitted Proposals, and approved Experiments within the scope of the SPSC reviewing process, are assigned teams of referees. The referees meet regularly with the collaborations whose Proposal and/or Experiment they are reviewing, report on a regular basis to the SPSC and provide direct feed-back to the collaborations, to ensure the continuity of the process. In addition, approved Experiments undergo a formal Annual Review: this includes the submission of a written status report from the Experiment, at least two weeks prior to the review, as well as a presentation in the Open Session of the SPSC.

SPSC Review: Procedures and Referees' tasks : pdf