RB Members

GIANOTTI, Fabiola CERN, Director-General, Chairperson
FORTY, Roger CERN, Scientific Secretary
BORDRY, Frederick CERN, Director for Accelerators and Technology
CASS, Tony CERN, Staff Association representative
COLLIER, Paul CERN, BE Department Head
ELSEN, Eckhard CERN, Director for Research and Computing
GIUDICE, Gian CERN, TH Department Head
HEMMER, Frederic CERN, IT Department Head
JIMENEZ, José Miguel CERN, TE Department Head
JOHNSTON, Karl ISOLDE Co-ordinator
KRAMMER, Manfred CERN, EP Department Head
LOSITO, Roberto CERN, EN Department Head
MIRALLES, Lluis CERN, SMB Department Head
NASH, Jordan SPSC Chairperson
PETERSEN, Brian LHC Programme Co-ordinator
PFUTZNER, Marek INTC Chairperson
SIMON, Frank LHCC Chairperson
STEINACHER, Martin CERN, Director for Finance and Human Resources
WARAKAULLE, Charlotte CERN, Director for International Relations
WILKENS, Henric SPS/PS Co-ordinator