Research Board Decisions

The minutes of the Research Board are the official reference for decisions taken at the board. This facility has been set up to allow for easier searching of those minutes.  It provides access to the individual paragraphs of the minutes, each labelled with the following information:

. The Research Board meeting that it belongs to;
· The experiment (or experiments) that are concerned;
· The type of information in the paragraph (e.g. just informative text, or a decision on approval, etc.);
· A short title describing the paragraph’s content (if appropriate).

The paragraphs can be viewed in two formats: either just listed by their titles, or with the text of the paragraphs displayed too. In the former case, the text of the individual paragraphs can be displayed by clicking on the title. The paragraphs can be selected according to the information they contain, allowing for example to view all the information concerning a given experiment, or only approvals related to that experiment, etc.

The list of excerpts from the minutes can be found here: RB Decisions