Submission INTC Documents

Please use this link to submit documents to the INTC.

Document templates (2022 version):
. n_TOFMSWordLaTeX


In general the deadline for submission is 6 weeks before a meeting of the INTC. In certain cases – e.g. the February meeting – this deadline may be 4 weeks before the meeting. Full details are listed here:

Meeting 7-8 February 2024 - Deadline: 10 January 2024
Meeting 22-23 May 2024 - Deadline: 9 April 2024
Meeting 12-13 November 2024 - Deadline: 2 October 2024


Please note that for ISOLDE proposals, at least one of the spokespeople of a proposal must be members of the ISOLDE Collaboration countries/institutes who have signed the ISOLDE MoU with CERN (note that countries which are members of CERN or are associated with CERN are not necessarily part of the ISOLDE collaboration).

People from non-member countries/institutes are welcome to apply for beamtime, provided their request is supported by a co-spokesperson from a member country/institute.

Further details on the countries and institutes which have signed the MoU can be found here: