SPS and PS Experiments Committee (SPSC) - Members

NASH, Jordan

Imperial College, London, UK
Scientific Secretary
REMBSER, Christoph


Members - Ex-officio

BORDRY, Frederick CERN, Director for Accelerators and Technology
ELSEN, Eckhard CERN, Director for Research and Computing
FORTY, Roger CERN, EP Department Deputy Head
GATIGNON, Lau CERN, Experimental Areas
GIANOTTI, Fabiola CERN, Director-General
KRAMMER, Manfred CERN, EP Department Head
LOSITO, Roberto CERN, EN Department Head
PANZER-STEINDEL, Bernd CERN, IT Representative
STEERENBERG, Rende CERN, Accelerators Representative
WIEDEMANN, Urs CERN, TH Representative
WILKENS, Henric CERN, SPS/PS Coordinator

Members - Referees

BOER, Daniel University of Groningen, The Netherlands
BONA, Marcella Queen Mary University of London, U.K.
CONTALBRIGO, Marco University of Ferrara, Italy
FERRARI, Arnaud Uppsala University, Sweden
FIORILLO, Giuliana University and INFN, Naples, Italy
HELBING, Klaus University of Wuppertal, Germany
KNOOP, Martina CNRS - University Aix Marseille, France
MILOV, Alexander Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
SANTORELLI, Roberto CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain
SCHNELL, Gunar Basque University, Bilbao, Spain
SELVI, Marco University and INFN Bologna, Italy
UDEM, Thomas MPI, Munich, Germany