Recognized Experiments at CERN

CERN is prepared to recognize experiments in fields allied to particle physics, such as astroparticle physics, under the following conditions:

  • Recognized experiments must have substantial participation of physicists from several CERN Member States.

  • Recognized experiments must already be approved by relevant agencies and be reasonably funded.

  • Whenever an experiment requests this status the case will be handled by the Recognized Experiments Committee, where the requirements will be defined and discussed. The Committee will present to the Research Board the recommendation for granting RE status.
    The Research Board will judge whether recognition by CERN is appropriate, in which case this should not be taken to imply that CERN has in any sense approved the experiment.

  • Once an experiment is recognized- the groups involved will be able to open visiting team accounts at CERN- the members of the experiment will be allowed to become registered as CERN users; this would not, however, imply automatic assignment of office space- CERN would allow such teams the use of CERN's premises to organize meetings, and to use basic services, provided that

    i) the cost to CERN is truly marginal, and on the condition that

    ii) approved CERN activities would always take priority.

    Additional services could be provided by mutual agreement, on the understanding that CERN will charge if there are costs for the Organization.

  • Recognition will be granted for up to three years, with the possibility of renewal following the request to the Recognized Experiments Committee and, following its recommendation, a positive decision of the Research Board.

    LLC/mr/14.06.1999, modified 02.09.2009