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LEP experiments Committee

The LEP experiments Committee (LEPC) is responsible for informing the Research Board about the experimental programme of the LEP accelerator. It receives experimental proposals, organises their public presentation and discussion, and nominates experts usually chosen from among its members, to evaluate them. After consultation with the machine group of LEP, the committee presents its recommendations to the Research Board. The LEP experimental Committee also establishes the long term programme of LEP, which it submits to the Scientific Policy Committee.

      Dr. M. Spiro, DAPNIA/SPP, Saclay
Scientific secretary
       J.Kirkby (EP)
       M.Budel (DSU)



 Minutes  (and LEP Schedules) are available here.
 and the Open Sessions of the LEPC are available in the seminar section of the CERN Weekly Bulletin.


       W Working Group
       Eric Lancon / ALEPH

       Electroweak Physik
       Martin W. Grünewald/ L3

       Heavy Flavour Group
       Patrick Roudeau/ DELPHI

       Higgs Particles
       Peter Igo-Kemenes / OPAL

       Susy Particles
        Luc Pape / DELPHI

        Roger Jones / ALEPH

        B Lifetime
        Lucia Di Ciaccio / DELPHI

        LEP B oscillations
        Olivier Schneider / ALEPH

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        Guy Wilkinson

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        David Stickland

        LEP2 Monte Carlo Working Group
        Roberto Pittau

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