Minutes of the 15th LHC Electronics Board held on 29 October 1999.


J. Christiansen, C. Decosse for point 2), Ph. Farthouat, F. Formenti,
G. Hall, M. Letheren, S. Quinton, P. Sharp Chairman), G. Stefanini,
M. Schmelling, W. Smith, M. Turala.
Apologies: P. Borgeaud, F. Corsi, E. Petrolo, V. Radeka, G. Viertel.
  On behalf of the Board the Chairman thanked W. Smith and the members of the Local Organizing committee for their excellent organization of 1999 LEB Workshop Snowmass, 20-24 September 1999). The workshop had attracted over 150 attendees with more participants coming from outside Europe than in previous years 70% Europe, 26% USA and 4% Japan). Ten invited talks were given in plenary sessions on selected topical issues, 78 oral presentations were made in parallel sessions, 4 paper-only submissions were received and 22 contributions were made to the poster sessions. Two wrap-up panel sessions discussed the important issues that had emerged during the workshop.

C. Decosse presented the first printed copies of the Workshop Proceedings, which this year are being published as a CERN Yellow Report CERN 99-09) in order to increase their dissemination. The proceedings are also available on the web at

The Chairman warmly thanked C. Decosse for the rapid assembly and publication of the proceedings for the fifth consecutive year.

The Board identified the following major points as conclusions from the workshop:

M. Turala presented a proposal to host a workshop on Electronics for LHCC Experiments in Cracow, 11-15 September 2000. The local organization of the proposed workshop would be jointly carried out by two institutes in Cracow, namely the Faculty of Physics and Nuclear Techniques and the Institute of Nuclear Physics. The Board warmly welcomed the proposal. The next LEB meeting will be on 13 January 2000. Projects RD12, RD48 and RD49/COTS should present status reports.