Minutes of the 4th LHC Electronics Board held on 20th May 1997.



P Borgeaud, F Corsi, H Dijkstra, Ph.Farthouat, F Formenti, G Hall, E Petrolo, S Quinton,
P Sharp Chairman), W Smith, U Straumann, G Stefanini, M Turala.


V Radeka, L Foà, M Letheren.


1. The minutes of the 3rd Meeting held on 11th March 1997 were approved.

2. There were no matters arising.

3. Report from the LHCC meeting on 13th March 1997.

Peter Sharp summarised the presentation he had made to the LHCC held on 13th March, and reported that the LHCC had endorsed the recommendations of the LEB.

The report covered the meetings of the LEB held on 20th January 1997, and 11th March 1997 and included discussion of

a. The final report from RD9

b. The status report from RD29

c. A report on the importance of Quality Management systems for LHC experiments.
d. A report on plans for the London Workshop in September 1997.

e. The recommendation that the community adopts the VME bus standards.

f. The recommendation that CERN establishes a facility to test and verify the design of integrated circuits and MCMs.

g. The recommendation that P63, an investigation into Radiation Tolerant Electronic Technology, be approved.

A copy of the transparencies are attached to the minutes.

4. The RD12 Status Report.

The Board considered that the RD 12 project on Timing, Trigger and Control Systems TTC) for LHC experiments had been very successful in establishing the techniques and performance targets required. However, there was some concern that this project had not yet been fully integrated into the LHC experiments, and in some cases was too sophisticated and expensive for the requirements. The Board would like to see future work targeted at establishing a requirement specification for each of the LHC experiments, to ensure that the final outcome of the project was exactly what was required for the experiments.

Recommended Milestones:

1. Produce a joint requirement specification for each of the four experiments, to be signed off by each experiment.
                                                                                                                                                                               4Q 1997.

2. Organise a review meeting to present the results of the requirements specifications and to present future plans for the project .
                                                                                                                                                                               2Q 1998.

5. The RD 23 Status

The Board acknowledged the excellent work of the RD23 collaboration in establishing a viable technique for the readout of analogue signals from detector system and in particular tracking systems. The board encouraged the collaboration to extend the application of these techniques to digital links and to encourage the use of common solutions for optical links throughout the LHC programme.

6. Plans for the London Workshop

Geoff Hall reported on the progress in preparing for the LEB London Workshop to be held between 22 - 26 September 1997.

The local organisation was well advanced with an encouraging number of industrial companies who had agreed to participate and exhibit at the Workshop.

The proposed programme was discussed now that the approximate number of abstracts was known. It was agreed to invite six speakers to give plenary talks and to have two parallel working groups, Working Group A, frontend electronics, radiation hard electronics, radiation hard electronics and optical links and Working Group B, Data Acquisition Systems, Triggering Systems and Muon Systems.

It was agreed that Geoff Hall and Alex Grillo would be invited to convene Working Group A and Wesley Smith and Nick Ellis would be invited to convene Working Group B.

It was agreed that the convenors of the Working Groups would review the abstracts and together with the local organising committee, finalise the programme.

7. Plans for next meeting

It was agreed that it would be useful to review progress on the preparations for the London Workshop and it was agreed to meet at CERN on the afternoon of the 25th July 1997.

It was agreed to meet during the London Workshop, and to meet to review RD16, RD19 and RD 27 on November 3rd 1997.