R&D projects and proposals

RD-1 P1 )
Scintillating fibre calorimetry at the LHC.
RD-2 P3 )
Proposal to study a tracking/preshower detector for the LHC.
RD-3 P5 )
Liquid argon calorimetry with LHC-performance specifications.
RD-4 P6 )
Study of liquid argon dopants for LHC hadron calorimetry.
RD-5 P7 )
Study of muon triggers and momentum reconstruction in a strong magnetic field for a muon detector at LHC.
RD-6 P8 )
Integrated high-rate transition radiation detector and tracking chamber for the LHC.
RD-7 P4 )
Proposal for Research and Development on a central tracking detector based on scintillating fibres.
RD-8 P13 )
Proposal to develop GaAs detectors for physics at the LHC.
RD-9 P21 )
A demonstrator analog signal processing circuit in a radiation hard SOI-CMOS .
RD-10 P9 )
Proposal to study and improve the radiation hardness of gaseous detectors for use at very high luminosities.
RD-11 P12 )
Embedded architectures for second-level triggering in LHC experiments EAST).
RD-12 P15 )
Readout system test benches.
RD-13 P16 )
A scalable data taking system at a test beam for LHC.
RD-14 P17 )
Liquid xenon krypton) calorimetry.
RD-15 P18 )
The prism plastic calorimeter: PPC.
RD-16 P19 )
A digital front-end and readout microsystem for calorimetry at LHC.
RD-17 P25 )
Ultrafast readout of scintillating fibres using upgraded position-sensitive photomultipliers.
RD-18 P27 )
New fast and radiation hard scintillators for calorimetry at LHC.
RD-19 P22 )
Development of hybrid and monolithic silicon micropattern detectors.
RD-20 P26 )
Development of high resolution Si strip detectors for experiments at high luminosity at the LHC.
RD-21 P28 )
R & D for collider beauty physics at the LHC.
RD-22 P29 )
To test beam extraction by crystal channeling at the SPS: a first step towards a LHC extracted beam.
RD-23 P31 )
Optoelectronic analogue signal transfer for LHC detectors.
RD-24 P33 )
Applications of the scalable coherent interface to data acquisition at LHC.
RD-25 P32 )
Proposal for continuing studies on lead/scintillating fibres calorimetry LFC).
RD-26 P35 )
Development of a large area advanced fast rich detector for particle identification at the Large Hadron Collider operated with heavy ions.
RD-27 P37 )
First-level trigger systems for LHC experiments.
RD-28 P41 )
Development of gas micro-strip chambers for high radiation-rate detection and tracking.
RD-29 P42 )
A mixed analog-digital radiation hard technology for high energy physics applications.
RD-30 P30 )
Study of an optical trigger to be used for beauty search in fixed target mode at the LHC.
RD-31 P36 )
NEBULAS: An asynchronous self-routing packet-switching network architecture for event building in high rate experiments.
RD-32 P43 )
Development of a time projection chamber with high two track resolution capability for experiments at heavy ion colliders.
RD-33 P45 )
Study of a novel concept for a liquid argon calorimeter.
RD-34 P46 )
Developments for a scintillator tile sampling hadron calorimeter with "longitudinal" tile configuration.
RD-35 P34 )
A silicon hadron calorimeter module operated in a strong magnetic field with VLSI read out for LHC.
RD-36 P50 )
Shashlik Calorimetry: A combined Shashlik + Preshower detector for LHC.
RD-37 P51 )
Very forward hadron calorimetry at the LHC using parallel plate chambers.
RD-38 P52 )
CICERO: Control Information system Concepts based on Encapsulated Real-time Objects. A study on generic control systems for large scale experiments at LHC..
RD-39 P53 and P53A )
Development of superconducting strip detectors . Operation of solid-state detectors at liquid nitrogen temperatures.
RD-40 P54 )
Development of quartz fiber calorimetry.
RD-41 P55 )
Object oriented approach to software development for LHC experiments.
RD-42 P56 )
Development of diamond tracking detectors for high luminosity experiments at the LHC.
RD-43 P57 )
Research and development of a hadron calorimeter for high magnetic fields.
RD-44 P58 )
GEANT 4: an Object-Oriented toolkit for simulation in HEP.
RD-45 P59 )
A persistant object manager for HEP .
RD-46 P60 )
High resolution tracking devices based on capillaries filled with liquid scintillator.
RD-47 P61 )
High energy physics processing using commodity components HEP PC).
RD-48 P62 )
Further work on radiation hardening of silicon detectors.
RD-49 P63 )
Proposal for studying radiation tolerant ICs for LHC .
RD-50 LHCC P6 )
Development of Radiation Hard Semiconductor Devices for Very High Luminosity Colliders
Proposal for a fast and radiation hard crystal calorimeter at LHC.
Detector tests in a high magnetic field and muon spectrometer triggering studies on a small prototype for an LHC experiment.
Warm liquid calorimetry for LHC.
The gaseous pixel device.
LHC crystal calorimeter readout by gaseous and liquid) detectors with photocathodes.
Topological trigger device using scintillating fibres and position-sensitive photomultipliers.
Radiation damage studies, irradiations and high dose dosimetry for LHC detectors.
Development of a high-efficiency gaseous detector for the localization of photons from scintillators and new generation of Cherenkov counters.
To develop a radiation hard microvalve amplifier and associated radiation detectors for experiments at the LHC .
Implementation of an ASP based machine in the data acquisition system of an R&D experiment at CERN.
A highly segmented and compact liquid argon calorimeter for the LHC [The TGT Calorimeter].
Fast EM Calorimeter with excellent photon angular resolution and energy resolution using scintillating noble liquids.
PS beam tests of a fast RICH detector.
The ongoing investigation of high performance parallel computing in HEP.
29 Oct 98