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DRDC proposal P8

P8. Integrated High-Rate Transition Radiation Detector and Tracking Chamber for the LHC CERN/DRDC/P8). BNL/CERN/JINR/Lund/Moscow.

Status: Finished

Spokesman: B. Dolgoshein. Contactman: D. Froidevaux

Abstract: The development of an integrated transition radiation detector TRD) and charged-particle tracker for use in an LHC detector is proposed. The purpose of such a detector is to identify electrons efficiently, while rejecting the potentially very large background, originating mainly from overlaps between an energetic pi-zero and a charged hadron, and from electron pairs. A low-mass structure of radiator materials and proportional straws will generate and detect transition radiation X-rays and will track charged particles. Readout for the straw signals, and trigger processors correlating the TRD signal with external detectors, will be developed. A small prototype, sufficient to contain a high-energy jet and followed by a fine-grained calorimeter, will be tested. An engineering prototype will be constructed to verify the design for a large detector.


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MS,22 Jan 98