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DRDC proposal P7

P7. Study of Muon Triggers and Momentum Reconstruction in a Strong Magnetic Field for a Muon Detector at LHC CERN/DRDC/P7). CERN/Helsinki/Kiel/Madrid/Padova/Roma/UCLA/Vienna.

Status: Finished

Spokesmen: M. Della Negra and E. Radermacher

Abstract: We propose to construct a small fraction of a muon detector in a strong magnetic field, for possible use in an LHC experiment, and to test it in a beam containing hadrons and muons. Properties of muons from hadron decays and of hadron punch-through, i.e. angle, momentum and timing distributions of the outgoing particles, will be measured for various absorber thicknesses, including the effect of strong magnetization of the absorber. The efficiency of different muon triggers and the rejection against hadron punch-through and decay muons will be studied. Reconstruction of muons and their momentum measurement in magnetized iron will be investigated, including the effect of catastrophic energy losses of high momentum muons. The performance of resistive plate chambers RPC) as fast trigger hodoscopes will be studied.


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MS,22 Jan 98