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DRDC proposal P60

P60. High resolution tracking devices based on capillaries filled with liquid scintillator NIKHEF-Adana-Humboldt Univ. Berlin-IIHE [ULB-VUB] Brussels- JINR Dubna-CERN-Technion-Haifa-Westf. Wilhelms Univ.-Muenster-Univ. "Federico II" & INFN Napoli-IHEP Protvino-Univ. "La Sapienza" & INFN Rome; LHCC 95-7/P60 LDRB).

Status: Approved for a second year


Spokesmen: D. Frekers and G. Martellotti

Abstract: We propose to develop high resolution tracking devices based on thin glass capillary arrays filled with liquid scintillator. This technique provides high 182 hit densities and position resolution better than 20 microm. Further, their radiation hardness makes them superior to other types of tracking devices with comparable performance. Therefore, the technique is attractive for inner tracking in collider experiments, microvertex devices, or active tar gets for short-lived particle detection. High integration levels in the optoelectronics readout based on the use of Electron Bombarded CCD EBCCD) and the possibility of optical multiplexing reduces the number of output channels and, thus, the cost for the detector considerably. Moreover, development of good time resolution Vacuum Image Pipeline VIP) will allow the use of this technique in high rate environments. The programme of an intense R&D effort on the above subjects is described.


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MS,22 Jan 98