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DRDC proposal P58

P58. GEANT4: an Object-Oriented toolkit for simulation in HEP Wisconsin-Orsay-CERN-Bari-RWTH Aachen-CMS Saclay- Fukui-KEK Tsukuba-KFKI Budapest-ICU Mitaka-LAPP Annecy-LBL- Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab.-Lebedev Phys. Inst. Moscow-Naruto- Cambridge-IHEP Serpukhov-Hawaii-Manchester DRDC 94-29/P58).

Status: Approved for a third year


Spokesman: S. Giani. Contactman: S. Ravndal

Abstract: This project will be a first attempt to re-design a major package of CERN software for an object-oriented environment. It is important that the product of this development can be continuously compared with the functionality provided by the current version of GEANT 3.21). We believe that htis approach will be a fundamental test of the suitability of the object-oriented approach for simulation in HEP, where performance is a crucial issue. It will contribute to the production of a general framework for the LHC off-line software to complement other R&D projects more focused on reconstruction and I/O.


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MS,22 Jan 98