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DRDC proposal P57

P57. New proposal: Research and development of a hadron calorimeter for high magnetic fields ErPI Erevan- INRNE & SU Sofia-BRPAPM & NCPHEP Minsk-IHEP Beijing- IHEP TSU Tbilisi-IHEP Protvino-TIFR Bombay-INR, ITEP & JINR Moscow-CERN-Fermilab-HEPG Florida State-Iowa- Iowa State-Maryland-Michigan-Michigan State-Minnesota- Northeastern-Notre Dame-Purdue-Princeton-Rochester- VPPI & State Univ. Blacksburg-KSU, KhFTI & ISC Kharkow- INP Tashkent; DRDC 94-22/P57).

Status: Finished


Spokesman: D. Green. Contactman: T.S. Virdee

Abstract: We intend to pursue the R&D necessary to demonstrate that a Cu- scintillator hadron calorimeter can operate reliably and well at the LHC at large pseudorapidities | eta | < 2.6) and in a high magnetic field 4T). The chosen technique consists of embedding a wavelength shifting WLS) fibre in a scintillator plate in the form of a 'sigma'. A clear fibre, spliced on to the WLS fibre, transports the shifted light to a photodetector. This technique was chosen by the SDC Collaboration for their electromagnetic and hadronic calorimetry. R&D efforts will concentrate on radiation tolerant scintillator/WLS combinations, transducers that can provide gain and operate in high magnetic fields, the effect on the performance of dead material e.g. coil of > 1 lambda) placed after 5-7 lambda, the effect on performance of a high resolution electromagnetic calorimeter, the design of a hermetic mechanical structure, the issues of calibration and monitoring.


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MS,22 Jan 98