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DRDC proposal P56

P56. Development of diamond tracking detectors for high luminosity experiments at the LHC Aveiro-Bristol- CERN-Imperial College London-King's College London- Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab.-Pavia-INFN Milano-LEPSI Strasbourg-Los Alamos Nat. Lab.-MPI Heidelberg-Ohio State- Rutgers-OAdW Vienna; DRDC 94-21/P56).

Status: Approved for a third year

Spokesmen: W. Trisuck) P. Weilhammer and H. Kagan

Abstract: Tracking detectors have become an important ingredient in high energy physics experiments. In order to survive the harsh detection environment of the LHC, trackers need to have special properties. They must be radiation hard, provide fast collection of charge, be as thin as possible and remove heat from readout electronics. The unique properties of diamond allow it to fulfil these requirements. Further, recent progress in the production of chemical vapour deposited diamond makes large surface area detectors now realistic. We propose a development programme which improves the charge collection properties of diamond, studies the radiation hardness of the material, designs various tracking devices, develops low noise, radiation hard electronics to read out the detectors and applies diamond as a thermal management tool for the LHC.


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MS,22 Jan 98