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DRDC proposal P55

P55. Object oriented approach to software development for LHC experiments Birmingham-CERN-Edinburgh-KEK Japan- INP Krakow-LAL Orsay-NIKHEF-RAL-DAPNIA SEI Saclay-SEFT Helsinki-SSC Lab. Dallas-ICU Tokyo-Utrecht; DRDC 94-9/P55).

Status: Finished


Spokesman: K. Bos. Contactman: C. Onions

Abstract: A proposal to study the viability of the Object Oriented OO) approach for developing the code for LHC experiments. The authors will learn the key issues of this approach: OO analysis and design. Several methodologies will be studied to select the most appropiate for the High Energy Physics case. Some Computer Aided Software Engineering tools and implementation languages will be evaluated. These studies will be carried out with various well-defined prototypes, some of which have been defined in a preceding study and some of which will be defined in the course of this R&D project. It is also proposed to study how the OO approach enhances a different, and hopefully better, project management. Management tools will be tried and professional training will be organized.


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MS,22 Jan 98