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DRDC proposal P54

P54. Development of quartz fiber calorimetry CERN/LAA-CERN-Cornell-Bologna-Frascati-Pavia-Pisa-Torino- Florida State Tallahassee-ITEP Moscow-CRN Strasbourg- PHASE Strasbourg; DRDC 94-4/P54)

Status: Finished


Spokesmen: A. Contin and P. Gorodetzky. Contactman: R. DeSalvo

Abstract: Embedding radiation hard up to Gigarad levels) silica optical fibres into an absorber is proposed for applications in very forward LHC calorimeters. The shower particles produce Cherenkov light. The main advantages of this solution are the fast response signal duration below 10 ns), transverse dimension of the visible energy of hadronic showers of the order of 1 cm, and insensitivity to radio- and neutron- activation. A comprehensive study of the performance of such detector is proposed.


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MS,22 Jan 98