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DRDC proposal P53 see also the Addendum)

P53. Development of superconducting strip detectors CERN-HUT Low TemperatureLab. Otaniemi-VTT Metrology Research Institute Otaniemi; DRDC 93-53/P53)

Status: Finished but see Addendum)


Spokesman: T. Niinikoski

Abstract: Superconducting NbN microstrip counters feature radiation hardnesstwo orders of magnitude higher than conventional Si strip detectors, spatialresolution limited only by lithographic techniques 0.1 - 2 microns), intrinsicsignal rise time of 2 ps, and signal transport over large distances withoutlosses. The aim of this proposal is to improve understanding of the physicsof such detectors and to establish their large- scale feasibility.


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MS,22 Jan 98