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DRDC proposal P50

P50. Shashlik calorimetry. A combined shashlik + preshower detector for LHC Ecole Poly. Palaiseau-CERN JINR Dubna-ITEP, Russia-IHEP Protvino-INR Moscow-Lisboa- -Imperial College London-RAL-Brunel Uxbridge; DRDC 93-28/P50)

Status: Finished

Spokesman: L. Dobrzynski. Contactman: P. Bloch

Abstract: Shashlik Calorimetry is a new technique which has been developed to read out the light from lead/scintillator sampling calorimeters, using wavelength shifters and optical fibres. The light yield is in excess of 10000 photons per GeV with fine lateral segmentation and minimum dead space. It is expected that such calorimeters can be buildt at relatively low cost. The first results on energy resolution and angular resolution, obtained in a non-projective prototype exposed to high energy electrons, are encouraging. Further research and development are essential before building a full scale projective detector.


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MS,22 Jan 98