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DRDC proposal P5

P5. Liquid Argon Calorimetry with LHC-performance Specifications CERN/DRDC/P5). LAPP/BNL/CERN/Milano/LAL/Saclay/Stockholm

Status: Finished

Spokesman: D. Fournier. Contactman: V. Vuillemin

Abstract: A broad R&D programme is proposed to study and improve the performance of LAr calorimetry required to meet LHC specifications. Novel readout structures with high granularity and very short cable connections will permit to achieve a high readout speed and minimal dead space. Design, simulations and substantial prototype studies are proposed in order to investigate physics and engineering aspects of a LAr calorimeter for LHC. It is planned to develop fast and radiation resistant LAr electronics, both based on Si JFET and GaAs technologies.


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MS,22 Jan 98