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DRDC proposal P48

P48. Proposal for PS beam tests of a Fast RICH detector CERN/DRDC/P48). College de France-CERN-CRN Strassbourg-PSI Villigen-RAL-Karlsruhe-KEK.

Status: Approved for beam time

Spokesman: T. Ypsilantis

Abstract: A full scale prototype Fast RICH detector with pad readout for unambiguous imaging has been constructed for operation in a high luminosity environment. It uses the best photosensitive gas capable of fast response TEA) or the intrinsically fast solid photocathode CsI/TMAE), developed specifically for this purpose. It can be used at e+e- or hadron colliders as well as at fixed target facilities. It has time resolution of 20 ns with a 1.3 microsecond pipeline and parallel readout of 4000 pad sectors. Fast digital VLSI electronics has been developed for readout and 24000 channels have been tested. The prototype device 12000 pad channels) is assembled and ready for beam tests in 1993.


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MS,22 Jan 98