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DRDC proposal P47

P47. Fast EM calorimeter with excellent photon angular resolution and energy resolution using scintillating noble liquids CERN/DRDC/P47). MIT Cambridge-ITEP Moscow-IHEP Serpukhov-INR Moscow-Baltimore.

Status: Not approved

Spokesman: M. Chen

Abstract: Recent test beam data have shown fast and large signals for LKr, mixed with >1% LXe. Excellent uniformity in LKr and LXe was achieved over a 37 cm long cell. CsI cathode works well inside LKr/LXe with O1%) resolution at 5 MeV. Precision calibration in-situ has been demonstrated. Scintillating LKr/LXe detectors are sufficiently radiation hard for LHC environment. These new developments simplify the construction of prototype LKr calorimeter, to demonstrate the superior e/gamma energy resolution and the determination of photon direction using longitudinal and transverse segmentations, which are vital for the detection of the multi-photon states. The constant term in the energy resolution is small, the electronics noise is negligible due to the large signal size. The overall pion/electron suppression is expected to be better than 10-4.


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MS,22 Jan 98