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DRDC proposal P46

P46. Developments for a scintillator tile sampling hadron calorimeter with "longitudinal" tile configuration CERN/DRDC/P46). Barcelona-Bucharest-Clermont Ferrand-CERN-Lisbon-Prague-IHEP Protvino- Yerevan.

Status: Finished

Spokesmen: M. Cavalli-Sforza and M. Nessi

Abstract: In a scintillation tile calorimeter with wavelength shifting fiber readout significant simplifications of the construction and the assembly are possible if the tiles are oriented "longitudinally", i.e. in r-phi plane for a barrel configuration. For a hybrid calorimeter consisting of a scintillator tile hadron compartment and a sufficiently containing LAr EM compartment, as proposed for the ATLAS detector, good jet resolution is predicted by simulations. The aim of the proposal is to construct a test module and to check the simulation results by test beam measurements. Several component tests and further simulations and engineering studies are needed to optimize the design of a large calorimeter structure.


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MS,22 Jan 98