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DRDC proposal P45

P45. Study of a novel concept for a LAr Calorimeter - The "Thin Gap Turbine" CERN/DRDC/P45). Aachen-CERN-Dubna-Heidelberg-Kosice- MPI Munchen-IHEP Protvino

Status: Finished

Spokesman: H. Oberlack. Contactman: J. Wotschack

Abstract: The development of a fast, highly granular and compact EM LAr calorimeter prototype is proposed as a gegeric R & D project for a novel concept of calorimetry in p-p and e-e+ collider detectors. The TGT calorimeter has a modular construction, is flexible in its longitudinal and transverse granularity, and offers a uniform energy response and resolution, independent of the production angle of incident particles. An important aspect of the project is the development of fast, radiation-hard front-end electronics which is operating in the cold.


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MS,22 Jan 98