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DRDC proposal P44

P44. The TGT Calorimeter: a Highly Segmented and Compact Liquid Argon Calorimeter for the LHC CERN/DRDC/P44). Aachen/CERN/Dubna/ Heidelberg/Kosice/MPI Munich/Protvino.

Status: Not approved

Spokesman: H. Oberlack

Abstract: The development of a fast, highly granular and compact electromagnetic liquid argon calorimeter is proposed as an R&D project for an LHC calorimeter with full rapidity coverage. The proposed ``Thin Gap Turbine'' TGT) calorimeter offers uniform energy response and constant energy resolution independent of the production angle of the impinging particle and of its impact position at the calorimeter. An important aspect of the project is the development of electronics for fast signal processing matched to the short charge collection time in the TGT read-out cell. The system aspects of the integration of a high degree of signal processing into the liquid argon would be investigated.


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MS,22 Jan 98