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DRDC proposal P43

P43. Development of a Time Projection Chamber with high two-track resolution capability for experiments at Heavy Ion colliders CERN/DRDC/P43). GSI/IKF Frankfurt/CERN/MPI/Weizmann/BNL.

Status: Finished

Spokesman: R. Brockmann. Contactman: S. Wenig

Abstract: Experiments at future Heavy-Ion Colliders have to deal with unprecedented high particle fluxes. In the dedicated Heavy-Ion detector at LHC pattern recognition and particle identification are performed by a Time Projection Chamber that operates in a field free region or in a weak magnetic field 0.2T). A double track resolution of considerably < 10 mm, i.e. a factor of 2-4 better than in existing TPC's, is needed to cope with the high track density. Improvements in the readout modules, analog electronics and longitudinal and transversal single electron diffusion are proposed. The problem of data-acquisiton and -reduction is briefly addressed.


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MS,22 Jan 98