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DRDC proposal P40

P40. Implementation of an ASP based machine in the Data Acquisition System of an R&D experiment at CERN CERN/DRDC/P40). CERN/Orsay/ Saclay.

Status: Not approved

Spokesman: E. Auge

Abstract: We present a proposal to use a massively parallel programmable MPP) automaton, developed in the framework of the MPPC collaboration, in the RD3 Data Acquisition System in 1992 and 1993. This R&D experiment offers an interesting possibility to demonstrate the power of an ASP Associative String Processors)-based machine: because of the particular data acquisition environment, a good demonstration should be achieved with a machine based on 8192 associative processing elements APE), i.e. four ASPA boards, as now existing. The aim of this demonstration is to prove the reliability of the machine as a component of a real DAQ system. It will also show that ASP are easy to programme, even for complex algorithms close to the ones used in off-line analysis.


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MS,22 Jan 98