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DRDC proposal P4

P4. Proposal for Research and Development on a Central Tracking Detector based on Scintillating Fibres CERN/DRDC/P4). CERN/Karlsruhe/Toulouse/Zeuthen.

Status: Finished

Spokesmen: C. D'Ambrosio, H. Leutz. Contactman: T. Gys

Abstract: Among the techniques envisaged to realize particle tracking at the LHC, scintillating fibres form a reasonable compromise in terms of price, hit density, space resolution, response time, occupancy and heat production. This proposal covers the current status and achievements of the scintillating fibre technique and presents a future R&D programme at CERN, with reference in particular to the improvement of hit density for small diameter fibres and to the further development of an optoelectronic delay line for track image readout.


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MS,22 Jan 98