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DRDC proposal P37

P37. First-level trigger systems for LHC experiments CERN/DRDC/P37). Birmingham/CERN/Heidelberg/MPI Munich/London/RAL/Rome/Stockholm.

Status: Finished


Spokesman: N. Ellis

Abstract: We propose to carry out a broad-based programme of R&D on level-1 trigger systems for LHC experiments. We will consider the overall level-1 which coordinates different subtriggers and which interacts with the front end electronics and with the level-2 system. Careful attention will be paid to systems aspects and problems of synchronization within the pipelined processor system. Trigger algorithms for selecting events with high-pt electrons, photons, muons, jets and large missing Et will be evaluated by physics simulation studies. We will study possible implementations of such trigger algorithms in fast electronics by making conceptual design studies and using behavioural simulation models. For critical areas more detailed design studies will be made, and prototypes of some key elements will be constructed and tested. The proposed R&D project builds on existing studies and will complement other R&D projects already funded by the DRDC.


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MS,22 Jan 98