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DRDC proposal P32

P32. Proposal for continuing studies on lead/scintillator fibres calorimetry LFC) CERN/DRDC/P32). Bologna/CERN-LAA/Algeria/Beijing/ Moscow/Bucarest/LNF/Napoli/Torino/Cornell/World Lab.

Status: Finished

Spokesman: A. Contin. Contactman: R. de Salvo

Abstract: Starting from the results obtained in the framework of the LAA Project 2B, we propose a continuation of the R&D on lead/scintillating fibres calorimetry "spaghetti calorimetry"), including further tests on the old calorimeter prototypes and the construction and testing of new prototypes. The main results we pursue concern the performances of a projective calorimeter built with new, cheaper techniques and the radiation hardness of the scintillating fibres; the optimization of a preshower detector system is also studied.


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MS,22 Jan 98