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DRDC proposal P29

P29. A proposal to test beam extraction by crystal channeling at the SPS: a first step towards an LHC extracted beam CERN/ DRDC/P29). Aarhus/CERN/LNF/Lecce/ICL/Pisa/Roma/Strasbourg/ Stuttgart/Torino/Trieste.

Status: Finished

Spokesman: G. Carboni. Contactman: W. Scandale

Abstract: The availability of a beam extracted out of the LHC accelerator would open up very interesting possibilities for B-physics, in particular for the study of CP-violation. Channeling in bent crystals appears to be the most promising method to produce an extracted beam of intensity 10**8 protons/s. This would provide as many as 10**10 B-Bbar pairs per year of run, i.e. two orders of magnitude more than could be produced by an e+e- B-factory with a luminosity of 10**34 cm-2 s-1. We propose an R&D programme to study beam extraction at the CERN SPS, using a bent crystal to be installed in the SPS beam pipe and placed next to the beam in such a way as to intercept the beam halo. Transverse excitation of the beam in the presence of non-linearities will be used to create halo conditions similar to those expected for the LHC.


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MS,22 Jan 98