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DRDC proposal P27

P27. R&D Proposal for the Study of New Fast and Radiation Hard Scintillators for Calorimetry at LHC CERN/DRDC/Pxx).Aachen/Bombay/ CERN/Cons.Milano Ricerche/LAPP/Leningrad/Lyon/Lund/Rome.

Status: Approved for a fifth year


Spokesman: P. Lecoq) S. Tavernier. Contactman: M. Schneegans

Abstract: In the recent past several scintillating crystals have been developed and mass produced for large, high resolution electromagnetic calorimeters, such as NaI, CsI and BGO. In the new generation of ee and pp colliders the very high design luminosities bring new constraints on the crystals: they must have a fast response, higher resistance to radiation, and be as dense as possible for calorimeter compactness. From our systematic studies of scintillation properties and radiation damage mechanisms in scintillators, several fluoride crystals or glasses should have the wanted properties. The purpose of this R&D programme is to study these materials and the conditions of their mass production in order to find the scintillator best suited for calorimetry at future colliders.


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MS,22 Jan 98