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DRDC proposal P25

P25. Ultrafast Readout of Scintillating Fibres using upgraded Position-sensitive Photomultipliers CERN/DRDC/P25).CERN/FNAL/IHEP/ INFN/Iowa/Kyoto/LAPP/Osaka.

Status: Finished

Spokesman: K. Kuroda. Contactman: A. Penzo

Abstract: In view of the new possibilities for event detection and tracking in future multi-TeV collider experiments, we propose to improve the performance of position-sensitive photomultipliers and, with it, to realize an ultrafast readout device of scintillating fibres; this should play a unique role in the complex of a future vertex detector, owing to its inherent subnanosecond resolving time as well as its capability of an extremely high counting rate. Our proposal is first aimed at upgrading the position-sensitive PM, in particular its space and time resolutions. Full advantage of the new phototube will be demonstrated in its immediate application to a generic prototype of a scintillating-fibre detector. Our programme also includes intensive R&D on a real-time digitization of the multihit topology, which should provide an essential back-up to the vertex tracking at extremely high rates, one of the most difficult problems relevant to the expected high performance of the LHC.


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MS,22 Jan 98