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DRDC proposal P24

P24. Radiation Damage Studies, Irradiations and High Dose Dosimetry for LHC Detectors CERN/DRDC/P24).Bucharest/CERN/Fraunhofer Inst./ HMI Berlin/Prague/Sanita' Rome/Zagreb.

Status: Not approved

Spokesman: H. Schoenbacher

Abstract: The proposal is divided into a main project and special projects. The main project consists of a service similar to the one given in the past to accelerator construction projects at CERN ISR,SPS,LEP) on high-dose dosimetry, material irradiations, irradiations tests, standardization of test procedures and data compilations. Large experience in this field and numerous radiation damage test data of insulating and structural materials are available. The special projects cover three topics which are of specific interest for LHC detector physicists and engineers at CERN and in other high energy physics institutes, namely: Radiation effects in scintillators; Selection of radiation hard optical fibres for data transmission; and Selection and testing of radiation hard electronic components.


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MS,22 Jan 98