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DRDC proposal P23

P23. Topological Trigger Device Using Scintillating Fibres and Position-sensitive Photomultipliers CERN/DRDC/P23).CERN/FNAL/Iowa/ Kyoto/LAPP/Messina/Osaka/Serpukhov/Trieste/Udine.

Status: Not approved

Spokesman: K. Kuroda

Abstract: An approach to a high-quality level-1 trigger is proposed on the basis of a topological device that will be realized by using scintillating fibres and position-sensitive photomultipliers, both of which are considered as potential candidates for new detector components, thanks to their excellent time characteristics and high radiation resistance. The device is characterized, in particular, by its simple concept and reliable functioning, which are a result of the mature technologies employed. In the LHC environment, the major interests of such a scheme reside in its capability to select high ptransv. tracks in real time, in its optional immunity against low ptransv. tracks and loopers, as well as in its effective links to other associated devices within the complex of a vertex detector.


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MS,22 Jan 98