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DRDC proposal P22

P22. Development of Hybrid and Monolithic Silicon Micropattern Detectors CERN/DRDC/P22).CERN/College de France/EPFL/ETHZ/Genova/ IMEC/Marseille/Milano/Bologna/Pisa.

Status: Finished


Spokesman: E.H.M. Heijne

Abstract: A collaborative effort is proposed to continue the development, which started in the framework of the CERN-LAA project, of a true 2-dimensional semiconductor particle detector with micrometric precision and with on-chip signal processing, a so called micropattern or pixel detector, for use in high luminosity colliders like the LHC. Different institutes will pursue in a complementary way both the hybrid approach and the monolithic approach. If the Silicon-On- Insulator SOI) technology can be shown to be effective, both approaches could merge into a single effort. The first experimental devices can be tailored to serve intermediate physics experiments with fixed target or at the LEP collider, thus verifying the feasibility of the pixel detector technology.


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MS,22 Jan 98