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DRDC proposal P19

P19. A Digital Front-end and Readout Microsystem for Calorimetry at LHC CERN/DRDC/P19). CERN/Linkoping/Milano/Pavia/Stockholm.

Status: Finished


Spokesman: B. Lofstedt

Abstract: We propose a digital approach to the front-end electronic chain for calorimetric detectors based on high speed A to D converters, a fully programmable pipeline/digital filter chain and local intelligence. Questions of error correction, fault-tolerance and redundancy are also to be considered. The solutions proposed are designed to match the whole range of calorimeter performances in terms of resolution and signal speed. A system integration of a multichannel device in a multi-chip, Silicon- on-Silicon Microsystem hybrid is proposed. This solution allows a new level of integration of complex analog and digital functions, with an excellent flexibility in mixing technologies for the different functional blocks. This type of large scale integration also offers the possibility to implement detector-specific functions, as well as a high degree of programmability at both the function and the system level.


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MS,22 Jan 98