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DRDC proposal P17

P17. Liquid Xenon Krypton) Calorimetry CERN/DRDC/P17).College de France/CERN/Coimbra/Protvino/World Lab.

Status: Finished

Spokesman: T. Ypsilantis. Contactman: J. Seguinot

Abstract: A proposal is made for R&D support to investigate the ultimate resolution achievable in a totally active liquid Xenon Krypton) electromagnetic calorimeter which should lead to the construction of a 100 400) litre prototype. Detection of either ionization or scintillation gives excellent energy resolution sigmaE/E le 1%/sqrtE) while ionization alone gives precise determination of the direction order 1mr) and vertex origin order 1mm) of a high energy photon or electron E ge 25 GeV). Large surface area photocathodes have been developed which efficiently detect the fast scintillation signal.


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MS,22 Jan 98