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DRDC proposal P15

P15. Readout System Test Benches CERN/DRDC/P15). CERN/Helsinki/ Padova/Pavia.

Status: Approved for a fifth year


Spokesman: B.G. Taylor

Abstract: We propose to develop and exploit versatile multi-purpose Personal Computer-based Test Benches to support the evaluation and design of the basic elements required for digital front-end readout and data transmission systems for an LHC experiment. These test benches will have modular hardware facilities for the operation of new readout system components under realistic conditions, and will implement advanced modern software engineering concepts. They will support components such as fast ADCs, hybrid fibre-optic transceivers, and the prototype VLSI systolic array and data-flow processors currently being developed in national research laboratories and by the emerging European HDTV industry. These efforts would also lay the foundations for projects involving the development of custom-designed VLSI circuits.


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MS,22 Jan 98