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DRDC proposal P14

P14. The Gaseous Pixel Device CERN/DRDC/P14). Bologna/CERN/ World Lab.

Status: Not approved

Spokesman: M.C.S. Williams

Abstract: The Gaseous Pixel Chamber is a new device developed during the last year within the LAA project at CERN. Basically we print electrodes onto a flexible Kapton foil with standard printed circuit technology used in the CERN workshops. We have found a design which allows us to operate the foil as a particle detector working in the gaseous limited streamer mode. This work has been previously reported. We are well satisfied with the operational characteristics that this device has reached so far efficiency, ease to build and to operate). However, the demands imposed on any detector device at future hadron colliders are very stringent. There are still many possible improvements needed to meet the technical challenge for a device to work at the LHC,SSC or Eloisatron hadron collider such as time response, space resolution, energy proportionality). Therefore we propose an R&D programme for studying the aspects that are relevant for application of this kind of detector within a hadron collider environment.


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MS,22 Jan 98