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DRDC proposal P12

P12. Embedded Architectures for Second-level Triggering in LHC Experiments EAST) CERN/DRDC/P12).Amsterdam/NIKHEF/Bucharest/ Budapest/CERN/Cracow/London/Ecole Polytechnique/Roma/Utrecht/ Zeuthen.

Status: Finished


Spokesman: R.K. Bock. Contactman: W. Krischer

Abstract: In this proposal we present a coherent plan for exploring one of the critical aspects of the implementation of detector selectivity, that of embedding 'intelligent' devices for triggering. We break down the interesting components of this problem area into the categories: triggering architectures, data collection and switching components, and system integration and modelling. Building on existing experience like the studies done as part of the LAA project), and drawing as much as possible on concepts and implementations existing outside High Energy Physics, we propose to evaluate possible solutions and critical components in the laboratory, and to demonstrate their functioning in realistic test devices and in real detector prototypes, to the extent that the developments of detectors in particular front- end electronics) allow us to do so. Our proposal covers a span of not more than 3 years, in order to demonstrate the viability of the more promising technologies, in time for planning future full-scale LHC detectors.


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MS,22 Jan 98