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DRDC proposal P11

P11. Warm Liquid Calorimetry for LHC CERN/DRDC/P11). Aachen/CERN/Helsinki/Padova/Stockholm.

Status: Not approved

Spokesman: G. Maurin. Contactman: W.F. Schmidt

Abstract: Results from the beam tests of the U/TMP "warm liquid" calorimeter show that such a technique is very promising for the LHC. Our aim is to extend this programme and design a calorimeter that can satisfy the requirements of high rates, high radiation levels, compensation, uniformity and granularity, as well as fully contain hadronic showers. We propose to construct liquid ionization chambers operated at very high fields, capable of collecting the total charge produced by ionizing particles within times comparable to the bunch crossing time of the future Collider. For this reason we plan to extend the current programme on tetramethylpentane TMP) to tetramethylsilane TMSi). An electromagnetic calorimeter consisting of very high field ionization chambers filled with TMSi as sensitive medium with Uranium and/or other high density material as absorber will first be built to be followed by a full-scale calorimeter module), on which newly designed fast amplifiers and readout electronics will be tested. In addition, a fully assembled supergondola will be installed in ECA 5 in order to test noise and cross-talk in a real environment.


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MS,22 Jan 98